Is Github Copilot going to replace developers? Is AI going to replace developers in the future? Well, sure it will!

After the trial release of Github Copilot this topic started to get on fire in social media as the question/fear of replacement attacked the developer’s world. We are living in…

If you’ve worked professionally for an App you may have seen the term “Repository”, as it is a word that refers to the “Manager of data”. And every app needs to manage data.

The problem is that the word spreads across the industry, but not always the real responsibility of…

As there are a lot of posts talking about extension functions in Kotlin, this post won’t talk about how to use them. The aim of this post is to avoid throwing the extensions functions wherever in the code.

If you are in a class called MyClass and write something like

Many times when programming in Android, we need to add lots of dependencies to our project, and maybe that project also have lots of modules that are interconnected, so, as the project gets bigger, it’s important to keep the Gradle files organized.

The naive way to define a dependency in…

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